Updated Fantasy Map!

The final book in my YA epic fantasy series, The Fire Queen’s Apprentice, launched on Friday. The ebook and paperback editions of The Dragonfly Oath feature this updated version of the map of Soole. I labeled the new locations that appear in the book and cleaned up some of the lines. I draw my maps by hand, scan them, and then use Gimp to clean … Continue reading Updated Fantasy Map!

Meet Me at World’s End – Chapter One

The long-awaited sequel to Wake Me After the Apocalypse launches today! Thank you to everyone who read the first book and sent me such kind messages about it. I’m so grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to continue exploring this world. I hope you enjoy the next adventure! You can get Meet Me at World’s End on Amazon as an ebook or paperback or read … Continue reading Meet Me at World’s End – Chapter One

Reading Like a Fantasy Writer + an interview!

Hey everyone! It’s a Monday morning in Hong Kong, and I am currently sitting in a half-renovated flat waiting for the contractors to arrive. I can’t go to my usual Starbucks to write while they’re here, so I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on the things I’ve been putting off during the lengthy process of packing up and moving. I thought I’d share some … Continue reading Reading Like a Fantasy Writer + an interview!

Happy Summer!

It’s a hot June afternoon in Hong Kong, and I’m getting ready to head to the US for my annual visit to my family. This year I’ll be stopping by Portland, Denver, Phoenix, and Bandon on the Oregon coast. I’m looking forward to all the fresh air and family time (especially with my four adorable nephews). This past Friday I finished the second draft of … Continue reading Happy Summer!

The Watermight Thief has launched!

My new novel, The Watermight Thief, is officially live on Amazon. This book is about a scrappy young woman named Tamri who will do anything to protect her grandmother. She embarks on an epic adventure full of dragons (with feathers!), powerful magic-wielders, and dangerous discoveries. Like most of my heroines, she has a fierce need to prove herself and a whole lot to learn about … Continue reading The Watermight Thief has launched!

On naming and renaming

It has been nearly two weeks since the launch of The Spy in the Silver Palace, my new YA fantasy adventure about a girl who can change her appearance. Today I want to tell the story of how I almost gave the main character the wrong name. I don’t have a particularly scientific method for coming up with names for my characters. I go with whatever … Continue reading On naming and renaming

NIGHT OF FLAME – The Steel & Fire series is complete!

Night of Flame, the fifth and final book in my young adult fantasy series, launches this weekend. I’m excited to share the conclusion I’ve been thinking about since I first started working on Duel of Fire in 2015. I had a general sense of how I wanted this story to end, but this book included some surprises for me. It was a challenge to bring together the various … Continue reading NIGHT OF FLAME – The Steel & Fire series is complete!

Cover Reveal: Burnt Sea & Night of Flame

I’m excited to announce that the updated cover for Burnt Sea: A Seabound Prequel is live on Amazon! It has been so fun to give my first series an updated look with the help of the wonderful Kerry Hynds. Here’s a post about why I decided to rebrand my post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, along with the first three covers. And here is the new cover for … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Burnt Sea & Night of Flame

Cover Redesign for Seabound

I recently decided to get new covers made for my post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, The Seabound Chronicles, a series which has been complete since December 2015. With the original covers, I was going for the Wool look: a large, dramatic title on a relatively simple background. The old covers fit in fairly well in the adult post-apocalyptic category on Amazon. However, they don’t include a wasted landscape (there’s no land in the book), and … Continue reading Cover Redesign for Seabound