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Jordan Rivet is an American author of fantasy and science fiction. Her books include two YA fantasy series, Steel and Fire and Empire of Talents, and The Seabound Chroniclesa post-apocalyptic adventure at sea. Originally from Arizona, she lives in Hong Kong with her husband.

Jordan’s books are available in ebook, audio, and paperback. 

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A new YA science fiction adventure.

Wake Me After the Apocalypse Cover

When a killer comet hurtles for the earth, 18-year-old Joanna Murphy is selected to wait out the apocalypse in an underground bunker. She enters cryosleep with her close-knit team, preparing to resettle the planet after the atmosphere clears in two hundred years.

Joanna is the only one who wakes up.

Faced with a bunker full of bones and a blocked exit, Joanna must claw her way to the surface, figure out what happened to her team, and try not to panic—or die. That’s going to be tricky if she’s the only person left in the world.

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A new fantasy trilogy.

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Jordan’s latest series is called Empire of Talents. It’s a tale of mystery, romance, and courtly intrigue set in a decadent fantasy empire. All three books in the trilogy are now available. Check out The Spy in the Silver PalaceAn Imposter with a Crown, and A Traitor at the Stone Court today!


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Enter a vivid fantasy world.

The Steel and Fire series is a swashbuckling fantasy adventure about a duelist and a prince who team up against a fiery villain. All five books are available now! Check out Duel of Fire, King of Mist, Dance of SteelCity of Wind, and Night of Flame. Or watch the book trailer here:


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