This is a complete list of Jordan Rivet’s published works, arranged by genre and series. Check out the individual book pages to learn more about each title. Seventeen of these books are currently available in audio editions. Learn more on the audiobooks page.

A note on reading order: The books in each series should be read in order, but you can read the series in any order. The exception is the Fire Queen’s Apprentice trilogy, which is a spin-off of the Steel and Fire series. It takes place five years later and includes some of the same characters. If you’re diving into that world, start with Duel of Fire and finish with The Dragonfly Oath. Enjoy!

Young Adult Fantasy

Art Mages of Lure

Curse Painter

Stone Charmer

Voice Mage

Steel and Fire

Duel of Fire

King of Mist

Dance of Steel

City of Wind

Night of Flame

The Fire Queen’s Apprentice: a Steel and Fire spinoff series

The Watermight Thief

The Thunderbird Queen

The Dragonfly Oath

Empire of Talents

The Spy in the Silver Palace

An Imposter with a Crown

A Traitor at the Stone Court

Science Fiction

The Seabound Chronicles




Burnt Sea: A Seabound Prequel

Bunker Series

Wake Me After the Apocalypse

Meet Me at World’s End

Follow Me to Armageddon

The Lost Clone


Batchmate – Coming April 21, 2023!

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