A Traitor at the Stone Court

Change your face. Find the secret. Save the world.

As war rages with the dreaded Obsidian King, Mica and the disgraced Lord Caleb chase the bearer of a deadly secret across the Windfast Empire. When their quarry slips out of their grasp, they must travel straight to the heart of enemy territory.

In the mysterious land of Obsidian, they meet an unexpected ally with a mission of his own. They’ll have to work together to pull off the ultimate impersonation. But there’s more going on in the austere foreign kingdom than they realize—and anyone could be a traitor.

Can Mica complete her mission before the Obsidian King conquers her homeland? Or will the tyrant use the missing secret to destroy everyone she loves?

Read the epic conclusion to the Empire of Talents trilogy on Kindle, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited.