Wake Me After the Apocalypse CoverWhen a killer comet hurtles for the earth, 18-year-old Joanna Murphy is selected to wait out the apocalypse in an underground bunker. She enters cryosleep with her close-knit team, preparing to resettle the planet after the atmosphere clears in two hundred years. or

Joanna is the only one who wakes up.

Faced with a bunker full of bones and a blocked exit, Joanna must claw her way to the surface, figure out what happened to her team, and try not to panic—or die. That’s going to be tricky if she’s the only person left in the world.

Wake Me After the Apocalypse is a tale of resilience and optimism at the end of the world. Read it on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, or paperback or listen to the audiobook narrated by Kate Marcin at Audible or Amazon.


“The plot of the story is spellbinding, and I found myself staying up all night just to finish the book. Easy reading, characters to whom the reader is effortlessly drawn, a setting that is global yet condensed, all are earmarks of Ms. Rivet’s captivating writing style.” -Author Marion Marchetto

“Joanna and her fellow characters are excellently written. Joanna is perceptive and determined. At the beginning of the book, she follows the course that others have set for her. Throughout the story, she learns from her mistakes, and begins to make her own decisions. Her resilience and optimism resonated strongly with me. Five stars to Wake Me After the Apocalypse.” -Author Katherine A Massengill

“A bittersweet tale of life and love in a post-apocalyptic world.” -Storied Scribbles

“Successfully entertains readers with clear, effortless prose and compelling characters.” –Publishers Weekly



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The apocalypse is over. Armageddon is about to begin. The last survivors of the apocalypse have woken up after two hundred years in cryosleep. The bunker cohorts scattered across the country have different rules, rivalries, and expectations for the future. Joanna Murphy travels to the Oregon bunker, hoping to forge an alliance between the cohorts.… Continue reading FOLLOW ME TO ARMAGEDDON