the watermight thiefWelcome to Pendark, a city of murky canals, brutal gladiator fights, and sorcerers who feud over access to the silvery magical substance known as Watermight.

Tamri is a scrappy magic thief who’s trying to get her grandmother out of this festering swamp of a city. But when a quick score involving a dragon goes wrong, she’s shipped off to a distant mountaintop kingdom where the legendary Fire Queen is starting a school for magic wielders.

Tamri’s not just going there to learn. The King of Pendark suspects the Fire Queen is up to something more dangerous than training young wielders, and he orders Tamri to find out the truth. If she fails, neither she nor her grandmother will survive the school year.

Return to the world of Steel and Fire in this all new adventure set five years after Night of Flame. Get it on Kindle or paperback, or listen to Caitlin Kelly-narrated audiobook now!

NOTE: You don’t need to read the Steel and Fire books to enjoy The Watermight Thief, but it does contain spoilers for the original series. Here’s the box set of the first three books.


“The Watermight Thief will have you sitting on the edge of your seat from start to finish. I found myself devouring page after page and completely unable to put it down. This book is simply a must read for fantasy lovers!” –She Who Breathes, Reads Blog

“This is a great YA fantasy story. There’s a lot of action early on, well defined characters, dragons, magic, and even a bit of romance. My interest was captured early on, as the story is fast-paced. It has all the ingredients to create a wonderful series.” –Valerie Bliss, Advance Reviewer

I rarely find a book that takes me off my balance, serving up surprise after surprise because it’s so different. This is one of those books that if you have a must-read or intend-to-read books list, this should be at the top of that list.” –Rickey Morris, Goodreads Reviewer


A dangerous magic swells across the land. But who is controlling it? Tamri is finally free of the oath bond and apprenticed to the Fire Queen. Their first task: figure out how to seal up the newly unleashed Lightning. The treacherous substance is spreading, affecting the dragons, the Wielders, and Tamri herself—not that she’ll admit… Continue reading THE THUNDERBIRD QUEEN


When Tamri draws the Lightning magic into her veins, she feels powerful. She can finally stand up for herself and the people she loves. But her friends believe the magical substance is too volatile to use. To prove them wrong, she’s preparing to seek help from a dangerous source. But when an unthinkable disaster strikes,… Continue reading THE DRAGONFLY OATH