An epic journey will challenge them. But the enemy they left behind is growing stronger.

dance-of-steel_new-coverDara and Siv flee through the treacherous snows of Vertigon, injured and defeated, with enemies in pursuit. They don’t know when they’ll return to the mountain they love. If they make it to safety, they’ll have to figure out how to challenge the Lantern Maker and retake Siv’s throne.

But when one of them disappears, the other must travel the wild on a desperate rescue mission. Dangers abound in the Lands Below, and the journey pushes them to a breaking point. As Dara and Siv fight to be together again, neither can forget the adversary they left behind.

Back in Vertigon, Sora defies the Lantern Maker and his wife as they plot to expand their dominion. Soon, they’ll unleash a deadly peril on the continent. Will Sora and her secret allies be strong enough to stop the coming storm?

The world is bigger and more perilous than ever in Book 3 of Steel and Fire, Jordan Rivet’s swashbuckling YA fantasy series. Find it on Kindle, paperback, and audio, or check out the special edition hardcover featuring 5 gorgeous character illustrations by Wojtek Depczyński!

The original 2016 cover still appears on the paperback edition!