An unexpected battle. An undefeated enemy. A final stand to save their home.

Night of Flame_Jordan RivetAs the Lantern Maker’s Fireworker army terrorizes the continent, Dara struggles to master her new powers. She’s the only Wielder with a chance of stopping her father, but she doesn’t know if she can face him. As the fiery devastation spreads, she must make a terrible choice.

Meanwhile, Siv musters a fighting force to retake his kingdom. His sister Selivia offers help in an unexpected form, but their new allies have hidden agendas and dangerous secrets. Trusting the wrong people could cost them the war.

Back in Vertigon, Queen Sora encounters a terrifying new threat. If Siv, Dara, and Selivia make it back to the mountain, they could be too late to save it. The four of them must confront the forces of violence, power, and ambition in a final conflict that will determine the fate of every land on the continent.

Read the dramatic conclusion to the Steel and Fire series on Kindle or paperback! Or pick up the hardcover special edition, which features a bonus epilogue set two years after the end of the series.

Also available as an audiobook narrated by Caitlin Kelly. Listen now on Audible or Amazon.

The original 2017 cover design still appears on the paperback edition!