A champion sword fighter. A handsome prince. A kingdom in peril.

Dara Ruminor is a competitive duelist in Vertigon, where athletes live like kings as long as the crowds love them. She’s good with a sword but can’t figure out how to charm the spectators like a true champion.

When Dara is asked to train with Prince Siv, the heir to the throne, she faces her most difficult opponent yet. Handsome, charismatic, and utterly infuriating, he refuses to take the sport—or her—seriously.

But someone wants Prince Siv dead, and Dara might be the only one who can protect him. With assassins lurking in the shadows and tensions brewing between the kingdom’s magic wielders, Dara and Siv need each other’s help with more than just dueling. Skill with a blade might not be enough to save them.

Throne of Glass meets A Knight’s Tale in this epic YA fantasy full of sword fights, assassins, magic, and betrayal. Find it on Kindle, paperback, and audiobook, or check out the special edition hardcover, which features an exclusive prequel story called “Dara’s First Duel.”

Duel of Fire
The original 2016 cover design still appears on the paperback edition!


A reluctant king. A swordswoman with a secret. A plot that could destroy them both. When Siv Amintelle ascends the throne of Vertigon, he’s condemned to the drudgery of council meetings, strategic marriages, and the intrigues of ambitious noblemen. There aren’t nearly enough sharp, pointy objects involved, and a certain swordswoman makes him want to… Continue reading KING OF MIST


An epic journey will challenge them. But the enemy they left behind is growing stronger. Dara and Siv flee through the treacherous snows of Vertigon, injured and defeated, with enemies in pursuit. They don’t know when they’ll return to the mountain they love. If they make it to safety, they’ll have to figure out how… Continue reading DANCE OF STEEL


Dangerous intrigues and mysterious powers ensnare Dara and Siv in the brutal canal city of Pendark. A magical shackle binds Dara to her agreement to help a cunning Waterworker study the link between Fire and Watermight. Dara will learn more than she bargained for from Wyla, if the lessons don’t kill her first. Siv gathers… Continue reading CITY OF WIND


An unexpected battle. An undefeated enemy. A final stand to save their home. As the Lantern Maker’s Fireworker army terrorizes the continent, Dara struggles to master her new powers. She’s the only Wielder with a chance of stopping her father, but she doesn’t know if she can face him. As the fiery devastation spreads, she… Continue reading NIGHT OF FLAME