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Which series should I read?

I recently launched the first book in my seventh(!) series. I’m very excited to introduce you to another world full of action, intrigue, unique settings, and loveable characters. As always, my goal is to immerse you in the adventure and keep you turning pages well past your bedtime.

If you’re new to my books, you might not be sure where to start. Here’s a reading guide to help you decide which Jordan Rivet book is for you!

The books within each series should be read in their numbered order, but the series themselves can be read in any order. The exception is the Fire Queen’s Apprentice trilogy, which is a spin-off of Steel and Fire. It takes place five years later and includes some of the same characters. Start with Duel of Fire if you’re diving into that world and don’t want to miss anything!

If you’re a fantasy reader…

…and you like epic adventures in sprawling worlds, girls with swords, dragons, prince love interests (the charming kind), multiple POV stories, duels, banter, fire magic, long series, sport fencing, Throne of Glass, An Ember in the Ashes, and A Knight’s Tale, try the Steel and Fire series.

The spin-off trilogy, The Fire Queen’s Apprentice, features more dragons (with feathers!), magic-training scenes, epic adventures, thunderbirds, princesses who get stuff done, warfare, court politics, water magic, a sassy grandma, a magic thief, and a stoic love interest who’s better with dragons than people.

If you like Robin Hood, fairytale reimaginings, banter, art, unique magic systems, found family, chatty heroes, deadly heroines, classic fantasy settings, Naomi Novik, Stardust, and The Princess Bride, try Art Mages of Lure.

If you like spy stories, shapeshifting, complicated female friendships, court intrigue, betrayal, masquerade balls, cinnamon roll love interests, Regina George, Miranda Priestly, Mystique from X-Men, and books by Victoria Aveyard, Kristin Cashore, and Tamora Pierce, check out the Empire of Talents.

If you’re a science fiction reader…

…and you like post-apocalyptic survival stories, 90s disaster movies, found family, optimistic heroines, plot twists, multiple timelines, The 100, The Wilds, Wool, coming-of-age character arcs, summer camp-like settings, apocalypses, and cool underground facilities, check out the Bunker Series. (These are my bestselling books, if you’re interested.)

If you like dystopian adventures, cruise ships, mortal peril, scrappy heroines, aristocratic love interests, unusual apocalyptic landscapes (or seascapes), Waterworld, The Poseidon Adventure, and Battlestar Galactica, try my first series, The Seabound Chronicles.

Finally, if you like mysteries, cool sci-fi cities, orphan stories, cyberpunk, elite private schools, first person POVs, YA books by Scott Westerfeld, Neal Shusterman, and Veronica Roth, and Orphan Black, check out the first book in my new Lost Clone series, Replacement. (Fun fact: Replacement contains my 2,000,000th published word.)

I hope this helps you decide which of my books to try first. If you’ve already read a few, please share the name of the first Jordan Rivet book you read in the comments! If you’ve read more than a few, which series is your favorite?

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