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Which series should I read?

I recently launched the first book in my seventh(!) series. I'm very excited to introduce you to another world full of action, intrigue, unique settings, and loveable characters. As always, my goal is to immerse you in the adventure and keep you turning pages well past your bedtime. If you're new to my books, you… Continue reading Which series should I read?

Art Mages of Lure, Curse Painter, fantasy, Young Adult

Curse Painter launches today!

The first book in my new fantasy series launches today. More than any other book I've written, Curse Painter has that classic fantasy feeling--part fairytale, part swashbuckling adventure, and all magic. It's loosely inspired by Robin Hood and features characters who are trying very hard to be good--even when the only tools they have are… Continue reading Curse Painter launches today!

fantasy, The Dragonfly Oath, the fire queen's apprentice, The Thunderbird Queen, Young Adult

The Dragonfly Oath is out now!

I'm happy to announce that the final book in my YA epic fantasy trilogy, the Fire Queen's Apprentice, is out now on Kindle and paperback. You can also get it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Read The Dragonfly Oath now! When Tamri draws the Lightning magic into her veins, she feels powerful. She can finally… Continue reading The Dragonfly Oath is out now!

fantasy, Steel and Fire, The Dragonfly Oath, the fire queen's apprentice, The Thunderbird Queen, the watermight thief, Young Adult

Two Weeks to Launch!

The third and final book in the Fire Queen's Apprentice series launches two weeks from today! In addition to all your favorites, this book features a new character who was especially fun for me to write. I can't wait for you to get to know her! The Dragonfly Oath will be out on Friday, July… Continue reading Two Weeks to Launch!