fantasy, The Dragonfly Oath, the fire queen's apprentice, The Thunderbird Queen, Young Adult

The Dragonfly Oath is out now!

Dragonfly with book 3

I’m happy to announce that the final book in my YA epic fantasy trilogy, the Fire Queen’s Apprentice, is out now on Kindle and paperback. You can also get it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Read The Dragonfly Oath now!

When Tamri draws the Lightning magic into her veins, she feels powerful. She can finally stand up for herself and the people she loves. But her friends believe the magical substance is too volatile to use. To prove them wrong, she’s preparing to seek help from a dangerous source.

But when an unthinkable disaster strikes, Tamri throws herself into a new partnership. She alone believes she can handle the temptations. With her greatest enemy closing in, she must master the Lightning or lose herself completely.

Download the electrifying conclusion to the Fire Queen’s Apprentice series!

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