It’s Launch Day for Voice Mage!

The final book in the Art Mages of Lure trilogy launches today! Thank you to everyone who has been so enthusiastic about this series. I had a blast writing these books, and it means a lot to me that you’ve liked reading them too. I hope you’ll enjoy the exciting conclusion to Briar and Archer’s story! Download Voice Mage here, or check out the official … Continue reading It’s Launch Day for Voice Mage!

Art Mages of Lure is almost complete!

We’re getting closer to the launch of the third book in the Art Mages of Lure trilogy. Only two more weeks to go before you’ll find out what happens to Briar, Archer, and the gang! My goal for this series was to write a classic-style fantasy adventure focused on a small, intrepid band of characters who aren’t concerned with the multi-nation conflicts my other books … Continue reading Art Mages of Lure is almost complete!

Voice Mage Cover Reveal!

The wait is over! I’m so excited to share the cover for Voice Mage, the third book in the Art Mages of Lure trilogy. This YA fantasy adventure is a reimagining of the story of Robin Hood with art magic. (There’s also a fairytale at play here, but that’s a spoiler for Book 2.) Dane at Ebook Launch designed the gorgeous covers for this series. … Continue reading Voice Mage Cover Reveal!

Night of Flame new cover reveal!

It’s time for the final reveal in the Great Steel and Fire Recovering of 2021! The new cover for Night of Flame, like the original, is by Deranged Doctor Design. It appears on the ebook and the new hardcover edition launching in November. I’ve had so much fun receiving these covers in my inbox over the past few months. Dara and Siv mean so much … Continue reading Night of Flame new cover reveal!

Character Art and Hardcovers!

It’s official. The 5-year anniversary special edition hardcovers of the 3rd and 4th Steel and Fire books, Dance of Steel and City of Wind, are now available! These beautiful dust-jacketed books make great gifts for yourself or the reader in your life. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the bonus features: The hardcover edition of Dance of Steel features these 3 illustrations by Wojtek … Continue reading Character Art and Hardcovers!

CURSE PAINTER is going wide!

I have an announcement! The first two Art Mages of Lure ebooks are now available on a wide range of sites, including Kobo, Apple, Nook, Google Books, Overdrive, and Scribd. All my other ebooks are exclusive to Amazon, so if you’ve been waiting for the chance to recommend my books to a non-Amazon customer, this is the time! To celebrate, Curse Painter will be $0.99 … Continue reading CURSE PAINTER is going wide!

Curse Painter is out on audio!

I’m so excited to announce that the audiobook edition of Curse Painter is now live! Marnye Young did a spectacular job bringing Briar and Archer to life. Curse Painter is a Robin Hood-inspired fantasy full of adventure, romance, humor, and magic. You can listen to the sample and find the audiobook at the following links: Audible | Amazon | Tantor Media | Apple | Scribd … Continue reading Curse Painter is out on audio!

The 3 Laws of Curse Painting

One of the best parts of being a fantasy writer is developing new magic systems. My new book, Curse Painter, has magic based around different types of art. The practitioners, known as art mages, can be curse painters, voice mages, fortune scribes, or (rarely) stone charmers. The main character, Briar, creates deadly curses with the flick of a paintbrush–and gets in trouble when she decides … Continue reading The 3 Laws of Curse Painting

Curse Painter launches today!

The first book in my new fantasy series launches today. More than any other book I’ve written, Curse Painter has that classic fantasy feeling–part fairytale, part swashbuckling adventure, and all magic. It’s loosely inspired by Robin Hood and features characters who are trying very hard to be good–even when the only tools they have are evil. If you’re looking for true escapism, this is the … Continue reading Curse Painter launches today!

Map Reveal! Welcome to the Kingdom of Lure.

My next fantasy novel, Curse Painter, launches on Friday, October 9th. It begins a new fantasy series called Art Mages of Lure. Today, I’d like to share the map I created for the series! As always, I drew the map by hand, scanned it, and added the text with Gimp. This time, I also added a canvas effect to match the art theme of the … Continue reading Map Reveal! Welcome to the Kingdom of Lure.