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New Curse Painter Art!

Hi everyone! I hope your 2023 is starting off well. I wanted to share some new character art I commissioned for the Art Mages of Lure trilogy. These gorgeous portraits of Briar and Archer were painted with watercolors on paper by Italian artist Lisa De Mattia. I think she did a beautiful job capturing the vivid magic of the series in these paintings. I hope you like them too!

Painting of girl with curly hair holding a paintbrush and paint palette. She is surrounded by dramatic swirls of color representing her art magic.

As Briar painted, knots jabbed her thighs through her green wool skirt, and twigs poked into her thick hair. She clutched the clay shingles, trying to ignore the dizzying drop below. Painting curses took concentration. This one wasn’t nearly as dangerous as some she knew, but she couldn’t afford any errors.
Painting of a young man in a forest holding a bow and arrow. He has a shock of blonde hair and a vibrant blue outfit similar to Robin Hood's attire.
“Good evening.” He gave a bow fit for a duchess. “I am called Archer. I’m an accomplished thief and brigand. I serve the blade, the coin, and the open road. I have come to offer you an opportunity to escape your sordid circumstances and embark on the adventure of a dozen lifetimes.”

Read Curse Painter on ebook, paperback, or Kindle Unlimited, or listen to the audiobook narrated by Marnye Young. Find more of Lisa’s art on Instagram @lisa_demattia

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