Art Mages of Lure, Audiobook, fantasy, Voice Mage, Young Adult

All three Art Mage audiobooks are live!

The third and final book in my Art Mages of Lure YA fantasy series recently launched on audio!

Robin Hood meets Sleeping Beauty in the surprising conclusion to the trilogy, narrated by Marnye Young.

You can listen to Voice Mage wherever audiobooks are sold.

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An enchanted sleep holds Briar in its grasp.

Desperate to break the curse, Archer sends Briar and Esteban to seek help from the voice mages at the Hall of Cloaks. If they heal her, she’ll awaken in a pit of vipers, but it might be her only chance.

Meanwhile, Archer’s sabotage mission attracts recruits eager to stand against Lord Larke’s cruelty. But Larke’s hired curse painter is out for vengeance, and a botched raid has dire consequences for the outlaws.

When Archer faces another difficult choice, he’ll learn the true cost of fighting for what’s right. His decision sets them all on a path to a final, desperate stand.

Audible | Amazon | Tantor | | Apple

P.S. If you haven’t listened to the series yet, start with Curse Painter.

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