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CURSE PAINTER is going wide!

I have an announcement! The first two Art Mages of Lure ebooks are now available on a wide range of sites, including Kobo, Apple, Nook, Google Books, Overdrive, and Scribd. All my other ebooks are exclusive to Amazon, so if you've been waiting for the chance to recommend my books to a non-Amazon customer, this… Continue reading CURSE PAINTER is going wide!

Art Mages of Lure, Curse Painter, fantasy, fantasy map

Map Reveal! Welcome to the Kingdom of Lure.

My next fantasy novel, Curse Painter, launches on Friday, October 9th. It begins a new fantasy series called Art Mages of Lure. Today, I'd like to share the map I created for the series! As always, I drew the map by hand, scanned it, and added the text with Gimp. This time, I also added… Continue reading Map Reveal! Welcome to the Kingdom of Lure.