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Map Reveal! Welcome to the Kingdom of Lure.

My next fantasy novel, Curse Painter, launches on Friday, October 9th. It begins a new fantasy series called Art Mages of Lure. Today, I'd like to share the map I created for the series! As always, I drew the map by hand, scanned it, and added the text with Gimp. This time, I also added… Continue reading Map Reveal! Welcome to the Kingdom of Lure.

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Updated Fantasy Map!

The final book in my YA epic fantasy series, The Fire Queen's Apprentice, launched on Friday. The ebook and paperback editions of The Dragonfly Oath feature this updated version of the map of Soole. I labeled the new locations that appear in the book and cleaned up some of the lines. I draw my maps… Continue reading Updated Fantasy Map!

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Map Reveal for The Watermight Thief

We only have three weeks to go until the launch of The Watermight Thief! This book is set in the same world as my Steel and Fire fantasy series, and I decided to update the map to go with the new adventure. Here is the continent: And here's a new map of Soole and the East Isles:   The Watermight… Continue reading Map Reveal for The Watermight Thief

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I have something fun to share with you fantasy readers! This is the map for my new Empire of Talents series. The first book set in the Windfast Empire launches one week from today. I drew this map by hand, working on it intermittently while writing the book. I went with a slightly different style than… Continue reading The EMPIRE OF TALENTS Map Reveal

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The Making of a Fantasy Map

I have always loved reading fantasy. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and The Wheel of Time were the series that defined my childhood. (Well, Wheel of Time lasted longer than my childhood. Robert Jordan passed away while I was in college.) Since then, I've enjoyed the works of Brandon Sanderson, Sarah J Maas, George RR Martin, Sabaa Tahir, and… Continue reading The Making of a Fantasy Map