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The Making of a Fantasy Map

I have always loved reading fantasy. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and The Wheel of Time were the series that defined my childhood. (Well, Wheel of Time lasted longer than my childhood. Robert Jordan passed away while I was in college.) Since then, I've enjoyed the works of Brandon Sanderson, Sarah J Maas, George RR Martin, Sabaa Tahir, and… Continue reading The Making of a Fantasy Map

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Six months as a full-time writer

Hi guys. Six months ago I quit my day job to write full time. I recently posted an update on how that has been going. I'm mostly speaking through my original pen name, but I share some news about Seabound. Speaking of which, I'm almost finish with the second draft of the prequel! If you missed the… Continue reading Six months as a full-time writer