Reading Like a Fantasy Writer + an interview!

Hey everyone! It’s a Monday morning in Hong Kong, and I am currently sitting in a half-renovated flat waiting for the contractors to arrive. I can’t go to my usual Starbucks to write while they’re here, so I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on the things I’ve been putting off during the lengthy process of packing up and moving. I thought I’d share some … Continue reading Reading Like a Fantasy Writer + an interview!

On naming and renaming

It has been nearly two weeks since the launch of The Spy in the Silver Palace, my new YA fantasy adventure about a girl who can change her appearance. Today I want to tell the story of how I almost gave the main character the wrong name. I don’t have a particularly scientific method for coming up with names for my characters. I go with whatever … Continue reading On naming and renaming

Cover Reveal: Burnt Sea & Night of Flame

I’m excited to announce that the updated cover for Burnt Sea: A Seabound Prequel is live on Amazon! It has been so fun to give my first series an updated look with the help of the wonderful Kerry Hynds. Here’s a post about why I decided to rebrand my post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, along with the first three covers. And here is the new cover for … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Burnt Sea & Night of Flame

King of Mist Audiobook + a Scifi Audio Giveaway!

Hi everyone! You may have noticed that 2016 is turning out to be the Year of the Audiobook for me. I have various bits of exciting news on that front today. New Book King of Mist, the second novel in the Steel and Fire YA fantasy series, is out now. Caitlin Kelly narrates the sequel to Duel of Fire in this production from Tantor Media. You … Continue reading King of Mist Audiobook + a Scifi Audio Giveaway!

Name the villain!

Burnt Sea, the prequel to Seabound, launches in just over a week. The ink is dry and the book is up for pre-order, so I’ve been hard at work on the third draft of the final book in the Seabound Chronicles. This will be the culmination of three years of writing, and hopefully it will be an epic conclusion to Esther’s adventures on the post-apocalyptic sea. No good adventure … Continue reading Name the villain!

SEASWEPT Paperback

For those of you who love to read physical books, the second book in the Seabound Chronicles is now available in paperback! It’s 378 pages of adventure and romance on the post-apocalyptic ocean with your friends from Seabound. I’m still waiting for my own copies to arrive in Hong Kong, but my parents sent this picture of the book I ordered to their address in the US. Isn’t … Continue reading SEASWEPT Paperback

Seaswept, the second book in the Seabound Chronicles, is out now!

It’s official. Seaswept, the sequel to post-apocalyptic adventure at sea Seabound, is now available on Amazon! This book has even more twists and turns, more sea battles, and more heart-stopping adventure than the first one. I hope you enjoy it! Buy Seaswept on Amazon now! I hit the publish button on Friday night (HK time), and it’s already on the bestseller lists in Sea Adventures and Women’s Adventure … Continue reading Seaswept, the second book in the Seabound Chronicles, is out now!

SEASWEPT, revised

Hi guys. I’m emerging from my editing cave (also known as the local Starbucks) to report that I’ve finished the penultimate draft of the Seabound sequel, Seaswept! I’m sending it to another round of beta readers now. If all goes well, it should be available for sale by the end of April. In Seaswept, Esther and the gang from the Catalina encounter new dangers, new ships (and their inhabitants), and a … Continue reading SEASWEPT, revised

Kindle Countdown Deal + 5 books I’d take to a desert island

Seabound is currently on a Kindle Countdown Deal sale for $0.99. So far it has been doing well, hanging out in the top 16,000 on Amazon. This will only last until the 11th. If you want a bargain on a post-apocalyptic adventure at sea buy it today! Elsewhere on the internet: I was recently interviewed by fantasy author A. F. E. Smith about the five … Continue reading Kindle Countdown Deal + 5 books I’d take to a desert island

Six months as a full-time writer

Hi guys. Six months ago I quit my day job to write full time. I recently posted an update on how that has been going. I’m mostly speaking through my original pen name, but I share some news about Seabound. Speaking of which, I’m almost finish with the second draft of the prequel! If you missed the original video about how I quit my day job, here … Continue reading Six months as a full-time writer