Cover Reveal: Burnt Sea & Night of Flame

I’m excited to announce that the updated cover for Burnt Sea: A Seabound Prequel is live on Amazon! It has been so fun to give my first series an updated look with the help of the wonderful Kerry Hynds. Here’s a post about why I decided to rebrand my post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, along with the first three covers. And here is the new cover for … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Burnt Sea & Night of Flame

SEASWEPT Cover Reveal and Blurb

Friends, today is the official public cover reveal for the second book in the Seabound Chronicles! Seaswept will be out in just a few weeks. Here’s the blurb: Sixteen years ago, the Yellowstone volcano erupted and changed the world forever. A small group of survivors escaped on a cruise ship called the Catalina ahead of a choking cloud of ash. Since then, they have been surviving at sea, drifting … Continue reading SEASWEPT Cover Reveal and Blurb

You’ll like these books

Hi guys! Thank you for all your support during the launch of my new post-apocalyptic novel Seabound.  I wrote this book because I love to read books like it. If you’re enjoying Seabound, here are my recommendations for some pretty awesome books I think you’ll like as well. Click the covers to get to the Amazon pages. POST-APOCALYPTIC FAVORITES BADASS FEMALE PROTAGONISTS Veronica Roth on … Continue reading You’ll like these books

Seabound, a post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, is live on Amazon!

 Hey guys! My new book, Seabound, is now available on! You can get it for $0.99 if you act now. It’ll go up to the regular price of $2.99 in the next day or so. The book will be up on the other major e-book sites within a week, and the paperback is coming at the end of November. Seabound is set on a souped-up … Continue reading Seabound, a post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, is live on Amazon!

SEABOUND Synopsis and Cover Reveal

When an apocalyptic catastrophe decimates the land, a lucky few escape to sea. 1,003 survivors make their home on a souped-up cruise ship called the Catalina. After sixteen years, the strain begins to show in a floating world of distrust and shifting allegiances. Esther is a young mechanic who wants to prove herself, and she’s willing to take risks in the name of progress. But when … Continue reading SEABOUND Synopsis and Cover Reveal

The Great SEABOUND Revision of 2014

Hi guys. I’m back on my island in the South China Sea, and I’ve been living and breathing SEABOUND. My superstar writers’ group read the full manuscript over the summer and we got together for a major critique session on lucky September 13th. They’ve read chapters before and always had nice, gushing things to say about the book. But for this session, we got down to … Continue reading The Great SEABOUND Revision of 2014

Book 2, Draft 2

I’m back online, spending August writing in the Arizona desert. It has been a month of flash rainstorms, hail and 110-degree days. I’m working in coffee shops, at restaurants and at my parents’ kitchen table. There have been distractions in the form of my siblings, an escaped tortoise named Bob Marley and the entire Harry Potter series, which I’m rereading for the first time since the … Continue reading Book 2, Draft 2