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The Watermight Thief has a release date!

Hey everyone! I'm pleased to announce that the first book in my new Steel and Fire spinoff series will be out on the 15th of February. The Watermight Thief is a fantasy adventure about a scrappy magic thief, a dragon-riding princess, and a discovery that could doom the world. If you're new to the world of Steel… Continue reading The Watermight Thief has a release date!

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NIGHT OF FLAME – The Steel & Fire series is complete!

Night of Flame, the fifth and final book in my young adult fantasy series, launches this weekend. I'm excited to share the conclusion I've been thinking about since I first started working on Duel of Fire in 2015. I had a general sense of how I wanted this story to end, but this book included some surprises for… Continue reading NIGHT OF FLAME – The Steel & Fire series is complete!

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Cover Reveal: Burnt Sea & Night of Flame

I'm excited to announce that the updated cover for Burnt Sea: A Seabound Prequel is live on Amazon! It has been so fun to give my first series an updated look with the help of the wonderful Kerry Hynds. Here's a post about why I decided to rebrand my post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, along with the… Continue reading Cover Reveal: Burnt Sea & Night of Flame

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Cover Redesign for Seabound

I recently decided to get new covers made for my post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, The Seabound Chronicles, a series which has been complete since December 2015. With the original covers, I was going for the Wool look: a large, dramatic title on a relatively simple background. The old covers fit in fairly well in the adult post-apocalyptic category on Amazon. However, they don't… Continue reading Cover Redesign for Seabound

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Fun with Booktrack

There's this cool site called Booktrack that allows you to make a movie-style soundtrack for your books. I tried it out with a sample from Seabound. Here's how it works: 1) I pasted the first two chapters of the book into the site. They take place during a storm, so there's lots of potential for cool… Continue reading Fun with Booktrack