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Cover Redesign for Seabound

I recently decided to get new covers made for my post-apocalyptic adventure at sea, The Seabound Chronicles, a series which has been complete since December 2015. With the original covers, I was going for the Wool look: a large, dramatic title on a relatively simple background. The old covers fit in fairly well in the adult post-apocalyptic category on Amazon. However, they don’t include a wasted landscape (there’s no land in the book), and this makes them harder to identify with the post-apoc genre. The other issue is that I don’t think the old covers fully convey the YA-crossover aspect of the story, which features a gutsy young protagonist named Esther. As much as I love the old covers, I decided it was time to give these books a fresh YA dystopian look!


Kerry at Hynds Studio proved more than up to the challenge. She listened to my suggestions and came up with the concept for the new look. She was great about making changes as needed, including going through three different stock models for the second cover. I’m delighted to reveal the new covers for Seabound, Seaswept, and Seafled!


I hope these covers jump out at the readers who will enjoy the series most. Assuming all goes well with the trilogy, I’ll recover the prequel soon. To celebrate the launch of the new covers, I’m offering a special deal this week. Seabound is FREE, Seaswept is $0.99, and Seafled is the usual $3.99. In other words, you can get the ebook editions of all three books for just under $5 this week only! Enjoy!



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