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Kindle Countdown Deal + 5 books I’d take to a desert island

Jordan Rivet with Seabound paperbacksSeabound is currently on a Kindle Countdown Deal sale for $0.99. So far it has been doing well, hanging out in the top 16,000 on Amazon. This will only last until the 11th. If you want a bargain on a post-apocalyptic adventure at sea buy it today!

Elsewhere on the internet:

I was recently interviewed by fantasy author A. F. E. Smith about the five books I’d take with me to be stranded on a desert island. Check out the interview here. I got to add a piece of music, a film, and one other item as a bonus. If you’ve read Seabound, you might be able to guess my other item.

The Paperback Princesses asked me why I write YA/Adult crossover novels. Here’s my answer.

In other news:

There will be a secret cover reveal for Seaswept, the sequel to Seabound in the next few weeks. Sign up for my email list if you want to see it!

I finished the second draft of the Seabound prequel on Friday!

I got an idea for a new series to start after I finish The Seabound Chronicles. I’ve already scribbled 16 handwritten pages of notes for it!

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