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Windfast Map Final

I have something fun to share with you fantasy readers! This is the map for my new Empire of Talents series. The first book set in the Windfast Empire launches one week from today.

I drew this map by hand, working on it intermittently while writing the book. I went with a slightly different style than I used for my Steel & Fire map, which you can see here. After scanning the pencil drawing, I used Gimp to adjust the colors and add the text and embellishments. The font is called Athelas, and it’s the same one I’m using for the paperbacks. I only included the city and place names referenced in the first book, though I will likely make additions to this map with each instalment in the trilogy.

The Spy in the Silver PalaceThe Spy in the Silver Palace, Book 1 in the Empire of Talents YA fantasy series, launches in a week. Here’s the blurb:

Blurs are fast.

Muscles are strong.

Shields have impervious skin.

Mimics can change their appearance.

And all of them are in danger.

One Mimic is about to discover that nothing is as it seems in the Empire of Talents. Capable of contorting her face to resemble anyone, Mica dreams of using her skills on daring spy missions in enemy territory. Instead, she’s sent to work for a frivolous young princess.

Infiltrating tea parties and collecting palace gossip makes Mica want to kill someone—preferably the princess herself—but she soon learns there’s more to this world than extravagant parties. She gets caught up in a web of courtly intrigues and treacherous secrets. When her fellow Talents start disappearing from the empire, Mica may be the only one who can uncover their hidden foe and save them all.

She can change her face, but can she play the game?

The Spy in the Silver Palace launches on October 18th. Subscribe here to get an email when the book is live!

2 thoughts on “The EMPIRE OF TALENTS Map Reveal”

  1. Argh – awesome map, Jordan! It’s great to find another map-nerd who uses Gimp 🙂 Nice choice with the typography too – I’ve never seen athelas before, and have been using Justus and Perpetua to get that slightly ‘old kingdom’ but still formal feel. Can’t wait to see more of your world!

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