Books Make the Best Gifts

It’s holiday shopping time, which hopefully means you’re picking out your favorite books to share with the people you love. If you enjoyed my books this year, I hope you’ll consider giving one or two to a reader in your life. All of my books are available in paperback, most are in audio, and the Steel and Fire and Empire of Talents series are in … Continue reading Books Make the Best Gifts

Night of Flame hardcover + bonus epilogue!

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that the hardcover special edition of Night of Flame is available now. This gorgeous book features a bonus epilogue set two years after the end of the story. Get a peek at what your favorite characters are up to between this series and the spinoff. (The epilogue also includes a cameo from a certain tall Vertigonian from The Watermight … Continue reading Night of Flame hardcover + bonus epilogue!

Duel of Fire is free until Friday!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share that the Duel of Fire ebook is FREE this week to celebrate the new covers. This is the perfect time to tell your friends about the series or to try it out before you buy the gorgeous hardcover special editions. The sale lasts until Friday, November 12th. Happy reading! A champion sword fighter. A handsome prince. A kingdom in … Continue reading Duel of Fire is free until Friday!

Night of Flame new cover reveal!

It’s time for the final reveal in the Great Steel and Fire Recovering of 2021! The new cover for Night of Flame, like the original, is by Deranged Doctor Design. It appears on the ebook and the new hardcover edition launching in November. I’ve had so much fun receiving these covers in my inbox over the past few months. Dara and Siv mean so much … Continue reading Night of Flame new cover reveal!

Character Art and Hardcovers!

It’s official. The 5-year anniversary special edition hardcovers of the 3rd and 4th Steel and Fire books, Dance of Steel and City of Wind, are now available! These beautiful dust-jacketed books make great gifts for yourself or the reader in your life. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the bonus features: The hardcover edition of Dance of Steel features these 3 illustrations by Wojtek … Continue reading Character Art and Hardcovers!