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Night of Flame hardcover + bonus epilogue!

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that the hardcover special edition of Night of Flame is available now. This gorgeous book features a bonus epilogue set two years after the end of the story. Get a peek at what your favorite characters are up to between this series and the spinoff. (The epilogue also includes a cameo from a certain tall Vertigonian from The Watermight Thief.)

Like the other Steel and Fire hardcovers, this edition has new maps, a stunning Deranged Doctor Design cover, and a second minimalist design under the dust jacket. It’s the only cover featuring both Dara and Siv, so it’s a great choice if you only want one of these hardcovers on your shelf!

Get your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or

Learn about the special features in all five Steel and Fire hardcovers here!

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