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Books Make the Best Gifts

It's holiday shopping time, which hopefully means you're picking out your favorite books to share with the people you love. If you enjoyed my books this year, I hope you'll consider giving one or two to a reader in your life. All of my books are available in paperback, most are in audio, and the… Continue reading Books Make the Best Gifts

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Jordan Rivet’s Reader Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, when we all rack our brains for the perfect gift ideas for our loved ones. Do you have a book lover in your life who might like one of my books for Christmas? Check out this guide to determine which series starter is the best fit! My books are… Continue reading Jordan Rivet’s Reader Gift Guide


Launch of the SEABOUND Paperback (comes with a free e-book!)

If you're┬ástarting to think about what to get your friends and family for Christmas, you are in luck! The paperback edition of Seabound is officially available and currently 10% off the list price of $15.99. Plus, if you buy the paperback from Amazon you can get the e-book for free! There's nothing stopping you from… Continue reading Launch of the SEABOUND Paperback (comes with a free e-book!)