Art Mages of Lure, Curse Painter, Stone Charmer, Voice Mage, Young Adult

Voice Mage Cover Reveal!

The wait is over! I'm so excited to share the cover for Voice Mage, the third book in the Art Mages of Lure trilogy. This YA fantasy adventure is a reimagining of the story of Robin Hood with art magic. (There's also a fairytale at play here, but that's a spoiler for Book 2.) Dane… Continue reading Voice Mage Cover Reveal!

fantasy, Hardcover, Night of Flame, Steel and Fire, Young Adult

Night of Flame new cover reveal!

It's time for the final reveal in the Great Steel and Fire Recovering of 2021! The new cover for Night of Flame, like the original, is by Deranged Doctor Design. It appears on the ebook and the new hardcover edition launching in November. I've had so much fun receiving these covers in my inbox over… Continue reading Night of Flame new cover reveal!

Duel of Fire, fantasy, Steel and Fire, The Dragonfly Oath, the fire queen's apprentice, The Thunderbird Queen, the watermight thief, Young Adult

The Dragonfly Oath Cover Reveal

The final book in the Fire Queen's Apprentice series has a cover! I've been sitting on this for months, and I'm very happy to finally share it with you. Preorder The Dragonfly Oath here! The covers for this series were created by Deranged Doctor Design. Here they are together for the first time: This epic… Continue reading The Dragonfly Oath Cover Reveal

A Traitor at the Stone Court, Empire of Talents, fantasy, The Spy in the Silver Palace, Young Adult

Cover Reveal: A Traitor at the Stone Court

I'm so excited to share the cover art for Empire of Talents Book 3. This is the eighth cover Deranged Doctor Design has created for my books, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. They took the challenge of a character who can change her appearance at will and ran with it!… Continue reading Cover Reveal: A Traitor at the Stone Court