Batchmate, dystopian, Lost Clone, science fiction, Young Adult

Jane’s adventure continues today!

Hey everyone! I'm very happy to announce that it's Launch Day for Batchmate, the second book in the Lost Clone series. This YA dystopian sci-fi murder mystery is about a clone named Jane who's trying to figure out why she was created. The books are fast-paced and fun, with neat sci-fi world-building and characters I… Continue reading Jane’s adventure continues today!

Batchmate, dystopian, Lost Clone, Replacement, science fiction, Young Adult

The Lost Clone 2 launches in one week!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind you all that the sequel to Replacement launches in one week! I had a lot of fun writing Batchmate, which is full of twists and turns, explosions, and neat sci-fi details. I also got to write some of my favorite character moments yet. I can't wait to hear… Continue reading The Lost Clone 2 launches in one week!