Batchmate, dystopian, Lost Clone, science fiction, Young Adult

Jane’s adventure continues today!

Hey everyone! I’m very happy to announce that it’s Launch Day for Batchmate, the second book in the Lost Clone series. This YA dystopian sci-fi murder mystery is about a clone named Jane who’s trying to figure out why she was created. The books are fast-paced and fun, with neat sci-fi world-building and characters I hope you’ll love.

In Book Two, Jane goes to college and meets a girl who looks just like her.

Read Batchmate on Kindle or Kindle Unlimited

Or get the paperback here!

If you haven’t stared the series yet, Book One will be $0.99 from April 22-28. Download Replacement here!

Solving her clone’s murder was only the beginning.

Jane’s investigation into the origins of her clone batch stall when her best source, the enigmatic Dean, disappears. Unable to continue her search, she heads to college and tries to settle into a normal life.

But on her first day at Harbortown University, Jane meets a girl who looks just like her.

Janette is Jane’s clone. There’s no doubt about it. But she shows no interest in getting to know her long-lost batchmate. Jane figures Janette is on a mission and resolves to follow her to the people who made them both. The only trouble is those people will kill to protect their secrets.

When Dean resurfaces with dangerous information, Jane must decide how many enemies she’s willing to make to learn the truth.

Read the second book in the Lost Clone series, a gripping sci-fi adventure full of twists and turns, compelling characters, and mysteries!

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