fantasy, Steel and Fire, the fire queen's apprentice, the watermight thief, Young Adult

The Watermight Thief has launched!

the watermight thief

My new novel, The Watermight Thief, is officially live on Amazon. This book is about a scrappy young woman named Tamri who will do anything to protect her grandmother. She embarks on an epic adventure full of dragons (with feathers!), powerful magic-wielders, and dangerous discoveries. Like most of my heroines, she has a fierce need to prove herself and a whole lot to learn about the world—and her own abilities.

Tamri’s story takes place in the world we first started to explore in the Steel and Fire series. Many of the original characters will make appearances, but the book stands on its own. I hope you will love Tamri as much as you love Dara, Siv, and of course Vine Silltine.

Thank you for continuing to read my books. This novel wouldn’t exist without your reviews, emails, and enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy the adventure!

Read The Watermight Thief on Kindle, paperback, or Kindle Unlimited. The audiobook is coming soon!


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