fantasy, Steel and Fire, the fire queen's apprentice, the watermight thief, Young Adult

The Watermight Thief has launched!

My new novel, The Watermight Thief, is officially live on Amazon. This book is about a scrappy young woman named Tamri who will do anything to protect her grandmother. She embarks on an epic adventure full of dragons (with feathers!), powerful magic-wielders, and dangerous discoveries. Like most of my heroines, she has a fierce need… Continue reading The Watermight Thief has launched!

City of Wind, Duel of Fire, fantasy, Steel and Fire

CITY OF WIND is out now!

I'm happy to announce that the fourth novel in the Steel & Fire fantasy adventure series is out just in time for your holiday reading. You can pick up the Kindle edition for $3.99, read it for free with Kindle Unlimited, or pick up the paperback featuring this wonderful Fire Lantern cover by Deranged Doctor Design.… Continue reading CITY OF WIND is out now!


For adults who read YA fiction

A few weeks ago, I had a drink with a new acquaintance whose job involves organizing literary festivals. I wanted to impress her. I was participating in the upcoming festival to promote the book I wrote under another alias, but I was under no illusions about where I stood in the hierarchy of literary talents being featured. As… Continue reading For adults who read YA fiction