The City of Wind audiobook is out!

Jordan Rivet B04 Audio Book 2400x2400I’m pleased to announce that the fourth book in the Steel & Fire fantasy adventure series is available now. Caitlin Kelly returns as narrator for City of Wind, and she gives a fantastic performance. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did!

Find City of Wind on Amazon, Audible or iTunes.

You won’t have to wait long for Book 5. The audio edition of Night of Flame will be out at the end of August.

And for the Seabound fans among you, the audiobook of the full-length prequel, Burnt Sea, is currently in production. Look for it by October!



Author: Jordan Rivet

Author of young adult fantasy and post-apocalyptic science fiction.

2 thoughts

  1. In your Steel and Fire Series, your main character, Dara, is a fencer or duelist. What fencing weapon does she use throughout the series?

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