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Night of Flame is on audio, and the Steel & Fire series is complete!

Jordan Rivet B05 Audio Book 2400x2400

The audio edition of the final book in my Steel & Fire fantasy adventure series launches this week. Night of Flame concludes the adventures of Dara, Siv, Sora, and Selivia in Vertigon and beyond. Caitlin Kelly returns once more as narrator. She has done a beautiful job on the series, and I couldn’t be happier to share the story through her voice.

Get Night of Flame on Audible or Amazon.

Now for some stats! The word count of the complete five-book series is over 542,000 words. The audiobooks clock in at 59 hours and 56 minutes. That’s roughly long enough to drive from Los Angeles, California to Anchorage, Alaska. If you like to listen to audiobooks while you drive, you could also make it from California to Florida and continue all the way up to Maine before running out of audio. Alternatively, you could fly from New York to Hong Kong and back twice in that time, visiting me along the way!


The launch of Night of Flame means that eight of my nine novels are now available in audio. The remaining title, Burnt Sea, is currently in production. Make sure you sign up for my mailing list to get an email when the audiobook launches.

I’m currently working on the first book of a new YA fantasy series. I’ll be wrapping up the second draft in the next few days and diving right into the sequel. I expect to begin publishing in late October. Stay tuned for more!

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