Art Mages of Lure, Curse Painter, fantasy, Stone Charmer, Young Adult

Stone Charmer is out, and Curse Painter is on sale!

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that the second book in the Art Mages of Lure series is out now on Kindle, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited. Stone Charmer is about Briar and Archer’s race to find a reclusive magical stoneworker before their enemies can use his extraordinary power to endanger the kingdom.

If you haven’t read the first book yet, Curse Painter is on sale for $0.99 this week only! Here are a few reviews in case you’re on the fence:

“Richly detailed, artistic, hopeful, and an instant classic, Curse Painter is everything you could hope for in a bright fantasy novel – perfect for all ages but most especially those who adore a powerful story of goodness and magic.” – Sarah K. L. Wilson, USA Today Bestselling Young Adult Author
“I could not stop reading this book.” – Chrissie Weselake
“This book is easily one of the best YA fantasy books of the year. Engaging, witty, and full of action, Curse Painter is a phenomenally enjoyable book guaranteed to delight readers of all ages.” – Sophia Lee Delorey

Read Curse Painter now!

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