Fantasy Reader Gift Guide

Wondering what to get the book lover in your life this holiday season? Check out this fantastic collection of fantasy novels that will delight your reader with tales of magic, adventure, and (sometimes) dragons. For someone extra special, wrap up these beautiful books with the gifts suggested by the authors!

Curse Painter is the perfect gift for the artist in your life. This Robin Hood-inspired adventure features a charming outlaw, a dangerous quest, and art magic strong enough to knock down a house. Get it for the reader who enjoyed An Enchantment of Ravens and The Princess Bride, or whose first crush was the Disney fox version of Robin Hood.

Pair Curse Painter with a fresh set of oil paints or a gift card for an art jamming session.

Get the Curse Painter paperback here!

Heart of Mist is the perfect gift for those who love girl-powered epic fantasy, heart-stopping adventures and nail-biting secrets. Get this series starter for the reader who binged Throne of Glass and cheered on the Stark sisters in Game of Thrones

Pair Heart of Mist with a beautiful pine scented candle or a gorgeous mountain wall print.

Pick up the Heart of Mist paperback here!

Sting Magic is perfect for lovers of bees, honey and the American Revolution. This freedom-loving series follows the trials and desperate tenacity of a teenage revolutionary and the angry swarm of bees that follows her everywhere she goes. Get it for the reader who loved Uprooted and Aurora Rising, or who has so many siblings that sometimes she wonders if anyone remembers her name. 

Pair Sting Magic with a fresh jar of local honey and a decorative throwing knife.

Check out the Sting Magic hardcover here!

Must love dragons! A Dream of Fire follows the only nonmagical teacher at a magic school as he tries to placate a dragon, protect an ancient secret, and lift a curse afflicting his students. This fun read makes a great gift for an old-school fantasy fan or RPG player, or the reader who grew up on Harry Potter and needs a magic school fix.

Pair A Dream of Fire with dragon-themed accessories like earrings, a phone case, or a dragon-shaped cookie cutter.

Snatch up A Dream of Fire on paperback here!

Pawn is the perfect gift for the reader in your life who enjoys dark fantasy and superheroes. This epic fantasy adventure includes elves, orcs and dragons with a unique twist on dark fae. Get it for the reader who loves Marvel Comics or Throne of Glass.

Pair Pawn with a cozy blanket or a book-themed candle.

Get Pawn on paperback here!

Dragon’s Reach is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the magic that theater holds. Sable escapes her life in the slums by sneaking away with a traveling troupe, and discovers that not only does she have a knack for acting, but the stories told on stage may be the only things that can save the land from a looming enemy! For any fans of Michael J Sullivan, David Estes, or pure, classic fantasy.

Pair this book with play tickets or a masquerade mask for the theater lover in your life.

Find the Dragon’s Reach paperback here!

All these books are also available as ebooks for less than $5 each. Why not pick up a couple for yourself while you’re shopping for your book lover? They’re perfect for curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and escaping to a new world for a while.

Happy holidays and happy reading!

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