Advance Review Copies of BURNT SEA

Burnt Sea - Jordan RivetThe countdown is on for the launch of the Seabound prequel, Burnt Sea, in 19 days. The book is complete and ready for liftoff. I’m looking for a limited number of advance reviewers who can commit to reading the ebook and posting a review when it launches on August 30th.

Be one of the first to find out how the Catalina‘s journey began. The action kicks off on the day of the apocalyptic catastrophe. It’ll definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!

Reviews are especially important for Burnt Sea because it can be read independently of the other Seabound titles. If you want to get more readers into the series, please help me give Burnt Sea the strongest launch possible.

Here’s how it works. Email me at with a link to your review of Seabound so I know you’re serious (feel free to type one up now if you haven’t done it yet; it only needs to be a few sentences). I will send you the Burnt Sea Kindle file to load on your device. Please post your review by the 5th of September if possible.

If you can’t commit to reviewing, you can still pre-order here at the special launch price of $2.99. The book will show up in your Amazon account on launch day!

In case you missed it, here’s the blurb:

Moments before the world ends, Simon, a dissatisfied history professor, walks along the San Diego boardwalk with his young daughter, Esther. Judith, an ambitious college senior, jogs nearby, trying to relax before her first big interview.

Hundreds of miles away, the giant volcano sleeping under Yellowstone erupts for the first time in 640,000 years. Ash and death spread in all directions. When Simon and Judith see the destruction rolling their way, they flee on the nearest available escape vessel: a cruise ship called the Catalina.

Adrift at sea, the survivors are cut off from all communication as the earth changes forever. Tensions rise between the stranded passengers, the crew, and the increasingly volatile old captain. As storms and threats roll in, Simon and Judith must work together to keep the peace in this dangerous new world. Will they find a safe haven on the other side of the ocean?

Pre-order Burnt Sea here!

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