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The Steel and Fire Box Set is on sale. Have you seen the book trailer? Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that the ebook box set of the first three Steel and Fire books is on sale for $0.99 this week. This epic YA fantasy series features sword fighting, fire magic, banter, romance, cur-dragons, betrayal, assassins, and more! Start reading the Steel and Fire series now!

Audiobook, fantasy, The Dragonfly Oath, the fire queen's apprentice, The Thunderbird Queen, the watermight thief, Young Adult

New Audiobook: The Dragonfly Oath

Narrated by Caitlin Kelly The final book in the Fire Queen's Apprentice series is now available on audio! Caitlin Kelly has done a brilliant job with this story. I hope you'll enjoy listening to her bring Tamri, Selivia, and the gang to life! Find The Dragonfly Oath on Audible or Amazon. The Fire Queen's Apprentice… Continue reading New Audiobook: The Dragonfly Oath