The Seabound Chronicles

The Seabound Chronicles is a post-apocalyptic adventure at sea. The trilogy (Seabound, Seaswept, and Seafled) features a gutsy mechanic named Esther and takes place sixteen years after the apocalypse. The prequel, Burnt Sea, begins on the day of the catastrophe and includes many of the same characters. It can be read before or after the trilogy, depending on your preference.

Note: Jordan’s ideal reading order is Seabound, Seaswept, Burnt Sea, Seafled.

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Esther has lived on a cruise ship for sixteen years, ever since she fled an apocalyptic catastrophe with a handful of desperate survivors. Now she works as a ship’s mechanic and dreams of a life beyond her floating small town.

When disaster strikes the water system on Esther’s watch, she’s thrust into an adventure that will threaten the lives of everyone she loves. In danger of running out of drinking water, Esther and her friends sail for a mysterious floating metropolis called the Galaxy Flotilla. The flotilla’s residents—including their handsome and enigmatic spokesman—parade their lives of luxury before the newcomers, but they’ll want something in return for their warm welcome.

Esther doesn’t trust the elegant Galaxy inhabitants, and she may be the only one who sees the threats lurking beneath the surface. When a sudden storm reveals a new peril, Esther will risk everything to save her friends—and her ship—before the sea claims them at last.

Find out how far Esther is willing to go to save her home in the fast-paced first novel of the Seabound Chronicles. Buy the e-book for only $2.99.

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If you’d rather read the action-packed prequel first, check out Burnt Sea.

Moments before the world ends, Simon, a dissatisfied history professor, walks along the San Diego boardwalk with his young daughter, Esther. Judith, an ambitious college senior, jogs nearby, trying to relax before her first big interview.

Hundreds of miles away, the giant volcano sleeping under Yellowstone erupts for the first time in 640,000 years. Ash and death spread in all directions. When Simon and Judith see the destruction rolling their way, they flee on the nearest available escape vessel: a cruise ship called theCatalina.

Adrift at sea, the survivors are cut off from all communication as the earth changes forever. Tensions rise between the stranded passengers, the crew, and the increasingly volatile old captain. As storms and threats roll in, Simon and Judith must work together to keep the peace in this dangerous new world. Will they find a safe haven on the other side of the ocean?

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