Empire of Talents


Three CoversBlurs are fast.

Muscles are strong.

Shields have impervious skin.

Mimics can change their appearance.

And all of them are in danger.

Mica Graydier can change her face to resemble anyone. She dreams of using her Mimic skills on daring spy missions in enemy territory. Instead, she’s sent to work for a frivolous young princess in the Windfast Empire’s capital. Infiltrating tea parties and collecting palace gossip makes Mica want to kill someone—preferably the princess herself—but she soon learns there’s more to this world than extravagant parties.

When her fellow Talents start disappearing, Mica gets caught up in a web of courtly intrigues and treacherous secrets. She must use her abilities to uncover the hidden foe lurking in the imperial palace—before she disappears too.

She can change her face, but can she play the game?

Get the first book, The Spy in the Silver Palace, on Kindle or paperback, or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Book Two, An Imposter with a Crown, and Book Three, A Traitor at the Stone Court, are out now! Read the complete trilogy for a tale of mystery, romance, and courtly intrigue in a decadent fantasy empire.

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