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The King of Mist special edition hardcover launches today!

The second Steel and Fire special edition hardcover is now available! King of Mist features my favorite of the new covers so far. Deranged Doctor Design did a fantastic job capturing Siv Amintelle’s look, and the book is even prettier in person!

This edition includes a brief history of the Three Good Kings of Vertigon, a new contour map of the mountain kingdom, and a second minimalist design under the dust jacket. You can order your copy at the following links:


Barnes and Noble

A reluctant king. A swordswoman with a secret. A plot that could destroy them both.

When Siv Amintelle ascends the throne of Vertigon, he’s condemned to the drudgery of council meetings, strategic marriages, and the intrigues of ambitious noblemen. There aren’t nearly enough sharp, pointy objects involved, and a certain swordswoman makes him want to abandon his duties at every opportunity. But the Peace of Vertigon is over, and unknown foes conspire to end Siv’s reign before it truly begins.

Dara Ruminor takes her new position as a Castle Guard very seriously. She refuses to allow her feelings for Siv to get in the way of protecting him, no matter how hard it is to keep her distance. But she’s keeping secrets from her king-and the one involving a fiery newfound ability is getting harder to hide.

When their enemies’ plots intensify, Dara and Siv seek help from an unlikely source. But if her secrets get out, Dara will have bigger problems than thwarting assassinations. And Siv might decide not to trust her after all.

“Keeps you turning those pages!” – Clean Books & Movies

“This second installment of the series did not disappoint. There is a more definite sense of urgency and danger in this book that sets it apart from its predecessor.” – Lit Picky

“The stakes get so much larger.” – Fantasy Faction

“Miss Rivet connects her world to us in concrete ways, but then builds upon it all, making something magical and unique.” – Fantasia Reviews on Duel of Fire

“If you have a penchant for duels (both swordfighting and magical), dragons, elemental magic, cute princes, family drama, and journeys of self-discovery, I’d highly recommend this wonderful series.” – Michelle Devours Books

P.S. If you missed the Duel of Fire hardcover launch, you can find it here!

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