Announcing my next book!

Three years ago, I started writing a Robin Hood-inspired fantasy adventure, returning to it whenever I needed a break from other projects. The book is called Curse Painter, and it begins a new series called The Art Mages of Lure. I had a blast immersing myself in a world where art is magic, and I’m excited to share the story with you in just one month.

Curse Painter launches on Friday, October 9th. The cover will be revealed on Instagram on September 18th, and I’ll be sharing the first few chapters then as well. In the meantime, here is the official blurb:

Art is magic. Art is a curse.

Briar can curse with the flick of a paintbrush. Her paintings maim, bewitch, and—most effectively of all—destroy. But Briar doesn’t want to hurt people anymore. She has fled her family’s deadly curse business to start a new life peddling nonlethal jinxes and petty revenge.

Briar’s destructive powers catch the eye of a charismatic young outlaw called Archer, who hires her to help him save a kidnapped friend from a ruthless baron. Briar thinks this is her chance to make amends for her crimes, but the family business won’t let her go so easily.

When her violent past jeopardizes Archer’s rescue mission, Briar must confront the dark arts she left behind—and decide what she’s willing to destroy in order to be good.

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