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The Intergalactic Shoemaker’s Revenge

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that my short story, “The Intergalactic Shoemaker’s Revenge,” was recently published in Fireside Quarterly. You can read the story for free online here or listen to the audio version narrated by Victor Ramos. Best of all, there’s an original Erik Ly illustration to go with the story!

Here are the first few lines:

Space pirates get all the attention. They get the chromeware clink of toasts in the station’s coolest underdeck bars. They get the echo-whispers of gossip in the civilian quarter, though there’s nothing civil about their ways. They even get clickbeat songs written about them.

You know who doesn’t get into the clickbeats? Shoemakers.

Read “The Intergalactic Shoemaker’s Revenge” here

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