City of Wind, Dance of Steel, Duel of Fire, fantasy, King of Mist, Night of Flame, Steel and Fire, Young Adult

STEEL AND FIRE Christmas Giveaway!

Paperback GiveawayHey everyone! I’m giving away two complete sets of Steel and Fire paperbacks for Christmas. The books will be signed, personalized, and sent all the way from Hong Kong.


If you’re looking for gift ideas for the reader in your life, all my books are available in paperback. Here’s a quick reference guide to get you started:

The Spy in the Silver Palace
For fans of court intrigue, disguises, The Devil Wears Prada, Mystique, and Regina George: The Spy in the Silver Palace
Wake Me After the Apocalypse Cover
For fans of Wool, 90s disaster movies, Neal Shusterman, Passengers, and summer camp: Wake Me After the Apocalypse
Duel of Fire
For fans of Throne of Glass, sword-fighting, dragons, Air Awakens, The Black Mage, and The Tainted Accords: Duel of Fire
Seabound - Jordan Rivet
For fans of The Hunger Games, The Poseidon AdventureThe 100, Battlestar Galactica, seafood, and cruise ships: Seabound

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