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Harry Potter Studio Tour + SEASWEPT news

The Great Hall
An infamous set of dress robes
Triwizard Cup and the Golden Egg (the egg had intricate etchings of an old school building all around it)
Dumbledore’s office (and costume)
Me with the Gryffindor Common Room set (full disclosure: I’d definitely be in Ravenclaw)
The workshop with all the masks and animatronic creatures was probably my favorite part.
It was amazing to see the level of detail that went into the things you barely saw on screen, like the magic schoolbooks.
This is the only section of the bridge that was ever built for the film. It’s now sitting right next to the Knight Bus, the cottage from Godric’s Hollow, and Number 4 Privet Drive.

Hi guys! I’m in London for the holidays. This week I got a chance to check out the Warner Brothers studio where all eight Harry Potter movies were filmed. I thought you might like to see a few pictures!

It was cool to see how much detail went into each prop and set. I highly recommend doing the tour if you’re ever in London.

In other news, I finished the final draft of SEASWEPT, the sequel to SEABOUND, several days after arriving in London. It’s now in the very capable hands of my copy editor. My next blog post will be the official cover and blurb reveal!

PS. If you want to be notified when the book launches (at a discount!) kindly join my email list here.

Animatronic Buckbeak!
Diagon Alley
A white cardboard mock-up of Hogwarts
The incredible scale model of the castle
(Pssst! Don’t forget to join my email list if you want to be notified of the SEASWEPT early release sale!)

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