Steel and Fire Special Edition Hardcovers

The epic YA fantasy Steel and Fire series is being released in beautiful dust jacketed hardcover editions featuring new cover art, bonus content, and a second cover design under each jacket. The books will launch on the 8th of each month, starting with Duel of Fire on July 8th.

The special edition of Duel of Fire features an exclusive short story called “Dara’s First Duel” and a new map of the world of Steel and Fire. Find it at the following retailers:



Barnes and Noble

Changing Hands Bookstore

Powell’s Books


Book Depository

This edition can also be ordered for libraries if you happen to be a librarian!

The special edition of King of Mist launches on August 8th, 2021. It features a new contour map of Vertigon, a brief history of the Three Good Kings, and Siv Amintelle’s beautiful face!

The Dance of Steel special edition launches on September 8th, 2021. Bonus features to be announced!