The Seabound Chronicles

The Seabound Chronicles, narrated by Ray Greenley, is a post-apocalyptic adventure series set on a souped-up cruise ship. The trilogy includes:

Seabound (Audible | Amazon)

Seaswept (Audible | Amazon)

Seafled (Audible | Amazon). 

The prequel, Burnt Sea, is out now! Listen on Amazon or Audible.

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Steel and Fire

The Steel and Fire series is a YA fantasy adventure narrated by Caitlin Kelly. Duel of Fire, King of Mist, and Dance of Steel are produced by Tantor Media and available for download or as audio CDs. Find them on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and Tantor.

City of Wind and Night of Flame, also narrated by Caitlin Kelly, are available for download now!

City of Wind on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Night of Flame on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

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